Palimpsestic Tales: The drawings of ‘Light Horse Tales of an Afghan War’. How and why these comics came into being by Al Henderson

Like most artists I’m inspired by what others have done but this can work in the reverse as well. What I wanted to produce were impressions of these experiences as visual art without any conscious moral lighting.

Art and Afghanistan: Recalibrating Cultural Buffer Zones:  Introduction to the exhibition catalog 'Light Horse Tales of an Afghan War'. by Dick Averns

It is important to correlate how Henderson’s art, despite the slippage of time and process, might now be argued as contemporary trench art.


The philosopher Amy Schmitter in conversation with Sculptor Al Henderson talks about: representation, our relationship with art, and plastic wind-up sushi.

In some ways this is my job; I make up concepts and terms when something doesn’t fit.  I’m partly in the business of making new concepts or adjusting or tweaking the concepts that we’ve got and the words and the language that express them. 

We Sleep, We Eat, We Make Art. video and article by Kelli Gustafson.

Meet local sculptor Al Henderson. Al is creating Figures in Motion, large sculptures that will be features above the entrance to the Downtown Community Arena in Rogers Place.

Q & A about Al Henderson’s Light Horse Tales. by Chris W. Carson

In anticipation for the exhibition “Light Horse Tales of an Afghan War”by St. Albert sculptor, and artist Al Henderson, I asked the artist some questions to give us some insight into how Al Henderson thinks about art.



$1.6 million in public art at Rogers Place draws praise and criticism.  by David Staples.

When does art really work? “Art for me has to have head, heart and hands,” ...“It has to have all three going for it...the artwork that seemed to meet all these tests ... was Al Henderson’s $100,000 mural/sculpture high on the wall near the community arena.

"Light Horse Tales of an Afghan WarDouglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton. by Ross Bradley

As Canada begins its withdrawal from active duty in Afghanistan, it is an appropriate time to look back at our involvement and impact over the past ten years. Al Henderson’s exhibition Light Horse Tales of an Afghan War is a very personal vision

Afghanistan war stories come to life in Okotoks art exhibit. by Krista Conrad

The latest display at the Okotoks Art Gallery, Light Horse Tales of an Afghan War, is an exhibit by Edmonton-based artist Al Henderson featuring stories of war veterans.